AWS Networking: VPC Peering Vs. Resource Access Manager

Some of the interesting feature when using AWS is when you are trying to share resources either between different regions and different accounts. The following are some of the scenario’s in which you would use VPC Peering, Resource Access Manager (R.A.M) or both.

Assuming that you have a centralized resource that you would like to share:

  1. Is the resource and the destination to share in the same region in different accounts? – AWS RAM
  2. Is the resource and destination to share in a different region? – VPC Peering
  3. Is the resource and the destination to share in different accounts in the same region? – AWS RAM
  4. If R.A.M is used to share the subnet/network with a child account, if the resources are in different regions, you will generally need to: Share the resource subnet from the source region to the destination region using VPC Peering and than use ram to share the subnet with the child account in the same region.

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