The following are projects in which i have done over my carreer in which have provided a noticeable impact at the places in which i have worked at:

Global AWS Multi-Tenant Environment – Used many best practices ( AWS SSO, Azure Automatic Provisioning, Organizations, Control Tower, Security Hub, Transit Gateway, Enterprise Discount Program ) in order to create a globally scalable AWS environment that allows for financial governance, security governance, and provided the correct structure to roll in ghost accounts that provided the benefit of discreased costs, Enterprise support for free, worry-free SSO, and provide a structure for multiple account management.

Agency AWS Migration – Was responsible for cleaning up approximately $330k in infrastructure which has no financial governance to the correct environment. Mainly consulted multiple data sources to notice waste in which either simply needed to be turned off by talking to stakeholders, irregularies in infrastructure that was never turned off, and noticing misconfigurations by simply looking at the terms of our Enterprise Agreement and easily noticing $15k in waste in terms of how the support tier was incorrectly configured. Following practices of deleting old iam users that easily cause long term security issues.

Powershell Based Reporting – Wrote various reports that allowed management to query various datasources in support of SOX / ISO Requirements. Reports could vary as simply as a simply report to get global reporting on a particular SOX control to Monthly email reports that allowed IT staff to disable certain AD Computer objects in order to reduce threat surface and reduce chargeback. Helped created a targeted email campaign to help reminder users and their managers about completing phishing training.

Jarvis HelpDesk Chatbot – Created a chatbot based on Microsoft Power Virtual Agents that allows for the helpdesk to submit tickets and get basic questions answered – all from Microsoft Teams. Uses a Powershell based API backend in order to create custom integrations that integrate online services on the Power Platform to backend services that exist only on-premise. Deployed to 5000 users in North America.

Power BI based Dashboards – Using my fluency with some data analytics and Powershell, i have created dashboards that have integrated SNMP based API for Temperature reporting and global licensning dashboard in order to help detect SAAS based licensning waste.

Box Global Migration – Technically lead and managed a project to migrate 6000+ Box users to using Onedirve/ Sharepoint Online. By using a combination of Microsoft Migration Programs and automated Powershell Scripts that allowed to communicate with various groups worldwide. Saved the company approximately $300k.

Sikuli Based Clicker Bot – When i did not know enough about how to use API’s, i have implemented RPA based GUI clicker bot based on Sikuli. The application is for mainly cloud license management and it allowed me to delete hundreds of accounts in a semi-automated maner. This was useful for programs in which we did not have API access or that the cloud vendor made it hard to delete users on purpose.

Atlassian Confluence Knowledgebase – In my first year in the IT profession, i helped create a Confluence based technical knowledgebase ( “GLADOS” ) that was used to succesfully transition a California based helpdesk to a completely new helpdesk based in Last Vegas for 50+ members.